2018 Dharma Garden Teachers

Dharma Garden, separated from the music festival area with the Gate of Purity, includes:

Asana Shala: As one basic and very important part of practicing yoga, the asanas prepare the body and the nervous system to be able to move on to the pranayama, and other methods that reqiure more experience, physical and spiritual endurance. Training ourselves in yoga postures also help to improve willpower, reduce stress and makes your own body more comfortable.

Sadhana Dom: Asanas are just a branch of the tree of yoga. At this place, it is possible to climb on other branches, such as basic or advanced philosophy or ayurvedic studies, but workshops and teachings will be held, for example in psychology, lifestyle and consuming habits.

The Acro Playground is the home of our daily acro jam for both beginners and intermediate practitioners, led by expert instructors. Alternative and hoop dance workshops, and other acrobatics related classes like handstand workshops will be also available. Every kind of movement, that is practiced with concentration and joy, can be a tool for self improvement.

Healing Hut: visiting the Hut within the village, one can practice trust, and let one of the festivals highly qualified therapist take care of one’s physical, mental or emotional issues. Some of the available treatments: -yumeiho -medical massage -thai massage -chrystal therapy –prananadi -reiki

Bodywork Temple

Contemporary Dance Stage