2019 Europe 5th Edition

Circles of Life / Samsara 5th Europe Edition
3-11 August 2019 in Hungary includes:
Land Art Finissage Celebration feat.
Tilos Forest PsyJazz Nights (Sat-Tue) 3-6 August
Samsara Festival (Wed-Sun) 7-11 August
Dharma Garden Yoga Village 3-11 August

Banco de Gaia – Hang Massive – The Spy from Cairo – Suduaya – Photosynthesis – Rinkadink – Egorythmia – Merkaba+Eve Olution – Kalya Scintilla+Eve Olution – Morten Granau – Shadow Chronicles – Ticon – Tripswitch – Juno Reactor – Side Liner – Cosmicleaf – Cydelix – Dedast- Chlorophil – Puti Putte – Lepque – Nameless City – Alpha Hypnotica – Dynamic Illusion – Richard Stonefield – Adis Abbé – Lan Project – Naudible – Indra – Monoman – Logical Elements – Hand of Damaru – Aeuum – Banjhakri – Aurorax – Calm Spirit – Cosmic Touch (to be continued)

From 5th Edition a NEW FESTIVAL CREW is taking over Samsara and the major changes include: bringing in own food/drink through gates ALLOWED – LOWER prices in food shops, bars and grocery store in general – cheap MENZA vega food shop – CLEANEST toilets in the Universe – KIDS’ playground is back with exciting programs – Tilos Forest turns into chill HEAVEN – NEW infrastructure for ALTER stage including enough toilets – significant improvement in LOGISTICS and system – our to do list is very long.

Now Available:

Phase 3 until 1 April 2019 (limited to 1000) 118€ (at the gate price 158€  – if available)

Siófok-Töreki is located 1 hour drive from Budapest at the lake of Balaton in Hungary.
Festival shuttle buses: Siófok railway station – Ozora Festival gate – Samsara festival gate.
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ZKUvGopFFo12

No crowd, no dust. No monuments.
No sponsors nor investors – not even a business plan
Only us, hearts and souls in space and time
And chill stage still the main stage

Samsara Festival Europe’s fifth summer celebration of the free spirit, love, peace & unity – where the chill stage is the main stage, is a worldwide annual psychedelic murmuration for yoga-, music-, dance- and nature lovers hosting lecturers, instructors, teachers, trainers, mentors, coaches, tutors, advisers, guides, demonstrators, psychologists, doctors, healers, anatomists, gurus, shamans, curers, medicine men and therapists along with a psybient music festival. For ages 0-116.

150 yoga workshops, seances and lectures followed by over 140 music artists and DJs on Chill, Alternative and Tilos World Music stages – hidden deep into our 40 acres of private forest surrounding the fantasy village of Samsara.

Kids under 12 with parents: free. Dogs: so welcome.
Easy access toilets for our disabled visitors and personal assistant / one helping friend gets free ticket at the gate.

Camping, parking: Free camping inside festival area with tent. Free parking at festival gate. Free camping area for caravans at festival gate. Caravan and car tickets for taking a caravan/van/car into festival area cost 40€ for inner parking and 80€ for inner camping. This fee is because we want minimum amount of cars inside the festival to keep nature for the people.

Instead of tickets we have 2019 memberships with free access to ALL Samsara events and yoga retreats worldwide during entire 2019, including Samsara 5th Europe Edition 3-11 August 2019

Presale Schedule:
Phase 1 until 1 December 2018 (limited to 500)
Early Bird Special 50% Double 158€ (for 2 persons) – SOLD OUT
Phase 2 until 1 January 2019 (limited to 1500)
Early Bird Regular Single 98€ – SOLD OUT

Phase 3 until 1 April 2019 (limited to 1000) 118€NOW AVAILABLE

Phase 4 until 1 July 2019 (limited to 2000) 132€

Phase 5 until 1 August 2019 (limited to 2000) 148€
(at the gate price 158€ – if available)

2 ways to get your 2019 membership:
1. price + 5 € fee online www.hadra.net
2. price + 2 € fee: Lotus Shop in Budapest, József körút 83