Info, Map, Rules

Headline news:

  • Dharma Nonprofit Foundation is the new owner of Samsara and the new international production team (Linn, Leila, Edit, Daniel and Janis from Sweden, Lebanon, Hungary and Lithuania) has taken over the lead from the old crew
  • Gabriella Berecz continues as lineup director on all music stages and yoga scenes, backed up by Gábor Rajda on Alter Stage, Adam Salman/Kinga Kovacs on Tilos Forest Stage and Réka Hargitay on Acro Yoga
  • In general much cheaper prices in food shops, grocery store and bars. Instead of too many food shops we only keep a very few good ones – the biggest and cheapest is our own nonprofit foundation kitchen Dharma Menza that will press prices down by offering a wide range of cheap alternatives 
  • New, very cheap and simple payment system replaces old Hellopay card system in all food shops, grocery store and all bars accepting Forint, Euro and all major bank cards. Cash only in the other shops 
  • Samsara 2019 = our first zero waste festival. Let’s all make this happen. Please help by bringing your own nondisposable plate, tea mug, spoon/fork and drinking glass from home. Although there will be no plates, glasses etc at food shops and bars at all, still possible to buy/rent nondisposable plates, glasses etc. There will be no trash cans/waste collecting spots, so all festival visitors will have to buy a 10€ trash bag upon entry- this fee will be refunded in full when the same bag – no matter empty or full – is leaving our gates. All festival visitors are also kindly asked not to bring any trash such as wrapping paper, plastic, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, any disposable wrapping material into festival area. Bringing in unwrapped food and drink is allowed but all disposable plastic/paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, etc will be stopped by the new security team at the gate. (Old security company is fired and will never be hired again.)
  • New toilet system. One big super clean flushing WC Heaven in the middle, bio toilets near camping areas and additional mobile toilets near the stages, even at alter stage. New subcontractor companies guaranteeing everyday cleaning. 
  • New festival gate. Old gate will be closed and will be only used for departing. New festival ticket office/meeting point will be in the local pub in middle of Töreki village. Maps showing arrival routes will be published soon. For caravans and cars there are 4 parking zones. Zone 1 outside festival gate: free. Zone 2 inside festival area where cars allowed to park nearby tents: 35€. Parking in Zone 3 and 4: 45/55€ when available. Shopping street at Tilos Forest will be entirely car-free zone and visually/logistically attached to Tilos Forest chill zone. One parking ticket = one entry. With this new system we will have the easy approach and functioning logistics without turning Samsaraland into one huge parking lot. Detailed parking map will be published soon. Camping with tents without cars or caravans: free everywhere
  • New logistics team will turn those chaotic arrival days into smooth landings and all program info will be available in time
  • Kid’s corner is back with many exciting programs 
  • Shops selling anything except food, drink or grocery have new terms: instead of Hellopay card system and its percentage-based contribution there will be 3 different fixed shop fees in 3 categories: small, medium and large. Write to for more info and shop application. 

Samsaraland is nearby Siófok-Töreki which is located 1 hour drive (100 km) from Budapest at the lake of Balaton in Hungary.

Samsaraland Festival Ticket Office in Töreki near Siófok, Hungary: 46°51’40.5″N 18°01’08.2″E

Train from Budapest Airport Ferihegy to Siofok (100 km, 10-15 euros), timetable here

– How to find train station at Ferihegy airport

– Bus from Siofok Train station to Samsara (4€):
Sunday and Monday 4-5 August 10.00 12.00 14.00 16.00 18.00
Tuesday-Saturday 10.00 14.00 18.00

– Bus From Ozora Festival gate to Samsara (8€):
Sunday 4 August 14.00, 16.00, 18.00
Monday 5 August 10.00, 12.00, 14.00

Local taxi special deal 7000 HUF (EUR 16) for max 4 persons one way

– Info on buses from major cities in Europe

– Both Forints and Euros will be accepted, even credit cards

– Gate opens 11.00 Saturday 3 August

– Name on passes can be changed once – not later than 30 days prior gate opening

– The organisers do not take responsibility for changing or cancelling any part or entire programme due to severe weather conditions, orders by authorities, or any factors beyond our control

– Damaged wristbands are not valid

– If you leave the designated roads, you do so at your own risk

– Camping inside festival is only allowed in the marked area, elsewhere you camp at your own risk

– Making fire is forbidden

– All the laws of Hungary apply and are valid on the territory of the festival

– We reserve the right to change the programme of the festival