Radio Tilos

Community Radio Tilos (meaning “forbidden”) has been generating the pulse of Budapest nightlife for over two decades from its highly underground studios – situated on the second floor in a red brick former factory building downtown.

A gathering place of open-minded individuals, from all professions and backgrounds, experimental, socially sensitive volunteers, active media veterans – and of course DJs with all your favourite music that you can’t find anywhere else on the airwaves at this latitude and altitude while tuning your radio from station to station.

Now their invisible studios, voices and dj-sets materialize in the enchanting setting of Samsara festival:
– with live talk shows on the spot – introducing the festival nation, performers, healers, important topics before and just after noon
– daytime acoustic and worldbeat concerts
– special dj-sets and psychedelic live acts from 4pm till well after sunrise.

You are free to peak into or even join the process of making radio shows.

You are also welcome to introduce your project, show, healing technique or simply enjoy the music, the flow of Hungarian babbling, as well as our English language broadcasts – all depending on the mix of those present.